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Cookies Policy is in compliance and as a part of our Privacy Policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about us and the protection of visitor information.

In order to provide you with customized services according to your needs, your information regarding the use of this website must be remembered and recorded. All of these procedures are carried out through the Cookies described as small text files. Cookies in this website stores the information in small quantities, and these are installed to your computer or other devices through Server. Whenever you visit this website, your browser sends cookies to this website, thus, the website recognizes you and your information like user preferences. For further information on Cookies and their way of functioning, please visit the website: 

Whenever you use this website, information can be collected through cookies and other technologies. By using this website, you acknowledge the use of cookies explained in Cookies Policy as well as use of cookies explained in cookies notifications of other websites based on country, region or service.

Types of cookies used and the usage reasons

Some of the cookies used are needed for you to use our website and to benefit from some of the features such as accessing to the secure contents provided for registered users.

Functional Cookies are used to save your preferences and information such as language or region while visiting the website and to provide you with a more favorable service. This information is generally anonymous and is not used for other purposes.

We or our service providers benefit from the analytic services to understand the efficiency of our content and interests of our users, and to improve the operation of our website. Moreover, web beacon or tracking cursors are used to measure the number of visitors while Performance Cookies are used to monitor the individual user number on the website and the access frequency of the visitors to the website. This information is only used for statistical purposes, not for the identification of users personally.  However, in the event that you register to our website, this information may be combined with the information and cookies received from web analytic services to analyze your use of website.

Advertising Cookies that show certain advertisements to users are not used in this website.

For further information on the cookies used, please contact us.

How are cookies controlled?

By accessing this website, you acknowledge that cookies may be installed in your computer, or the devices explained above. We take cautions to prevent setting cookies on your device unless you accept using the widget we integrated in our website. However, you can control and regulate cookies diversely. Please note that if you remove or block cookies, this may affect your use of the website and you may have trouble accessing certain parts of the website.

Browser control

Most of the browsers enable you to see cookies on your computer, delete cookies one by one or block cookies from certain websites or all websites. Please note that, in case of deleting all of the cookies, all your preferences -including the option for benefiting from cookies- will be deleted as well. For further information on how to filter or block cookies by changing browser settings, visit website.

Analytics Cookies Settings

By changing your settings, you can prevent your anonymous search activities in the websites from being saved by analytics cookies. For further information on privacy policy and cookies settings, you can click the following service provider links:

Google Analytics:

External web services

We don't use any external web service that sets cookies in our websites.

E-mail Communication

We can use tracking technologies to make our communication more interesting and functional by getting the information about some e-mails we send you, such as read, opened or forwarded to someone else. Since we cannot remove the tracking feature in the e-mails we send you, you need to delete your registration if you do not want us to get the information that the content, we send you is read, opened or forwarded to someone else. You can always update your communication preferences from the contact us section or you can end your subscription by following the instructions in the e-mails that you receive from us. 

We may change this Cookies Policy when necessary. In case the notification is changed, the update date will be changed by us and the updated or changed Cookies Policy will be effective as of the date specified. We recommend you to be informed about the use of cookies by checking the Cookies Policy periodically.

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